About IBBA

Since 2013

What is Ibba?

The ‘International Belgian Brass Academy’ or simply ‘IBBA’ has been taking place in the city of Harelbeke since 2013, where it found a permanent home, partly thanks to the support of a city council committed to culture.

IBBA is an high-quality artistic music festival organised every two years
by the ‘Belgian Brass’ ensemble.

More than a classical music festival 

This festival has enjoyed a reputation far beyond the national borders since its first edition and has been steadily gaining fame. The key to artistic success lies in the goal of creating a symbiosis between an educational platform and a high-quality artistic concert series. In other words, the festival offers a wide range of specific master classes, workshops and clinics taught by renowned teachers, combined with an exceptional series of recitals and concerts performed by great international soloists and ensembles.

A surprising range of music styles

This is also why IBBA has grown into a very unique and special event. You could consider it a ‘classical’ festival, but we also offers many other genres. These different styles often merge on the same stage into a very surprising whole. 

The musical offerings are very varied and introduce the audience to new and extraordinary musical combinations. Belgian Brass has once again created an artistic, attractive and very special high-quality programme for the 2019 edition, accessible to young and old!

What to expect in 2019?

Stars of Brass

Thanks to the support of our partners, sponsors and the city of Harelbeke, the
‘Belgian Brass’ ensemble will once again surprise you with a beautiful musical
offering at the 6th IBBA (which takes place from 7 to 13 April 2019).
The ‘Stars of Brass’ will entertain and delight you.
It will be a musical event with unparalleled virtuosity and the greatest artistic quality.
World-renowned soloists and ensembles will give it their all throughout the event
week in CC Het Spoor!

IBBA 2019 will take place from 7 to 13 April in CC Het Spoor in Harelbeke.