Overnight accommodations

Sleep close to IBBA 

Far away from home? 

We would be happy to help you enjoy IBBA well-rested and without any worries. We have made a selection of the best hostels and hotels. 

Hostel Groeninghe 

You can find this hostel in Kortrijk. Prices start at €30 per night, including breakfast. Well-accessible by public transport. 

Focus Hostel & Hotel

This hotel and hostel is located in the city centre, near Kortrijk railway station. 

Domein 'De Gavers'

In Harelbeke, in the middle of the forest. This hotel offers overnight stays in mini-chalets surrounded by nature. 

Blue Woods Hotel****

Blue Woods is a modern and new hotel near the E17 in Deerlijk, a 10-minutes drive from CC Het Spoor.

Square Hotel***

Square Hotel is located in the Kortrijk city centre. It offers great value for money.

IBIS Hotel***

IBIS Hotel is near the Kortrijk railway station, which only makes it easier to do everything by public transport.